Season 8

The 80's : The Decade That Moved Us (2015)

This was a multi-media and multi-sensory experience that brought folks back in time to an era of "new wave" pop culture. It was an experience involving iconic 80’s imagery, live music featuring local musicians, I Like Robots, and all the right dance moves captured on camera by Will Koeppen.

Directed by Beth Gamble, along with Ariel Graham and Therese Brennan, and featuring original choreography from Momentum Dance Collective, guest appearances from the Illaskan Assassins and Elements Of Rhythm, and the rockin music of I Like Robots before, during, and after the show.

It was, like, totally rad.

The 80's : The decade that moved us

Out North Contemporary Art House, November 2015

Directed by Beth Daly Gamble, Ariel Graham, Therese Brennan

Collaborating Artists | Musicians from I Like Robots, & the Illaskan Assasins and Elements of Rhythm crews.

Choreography by Beth Daly Gamble, Jessie Embley, Irenerose Antonio, Therese Brennan, Ariel Graham, Becky Kendall, Karlyn Grotts, Amy Kofoid

Videography by Xphreshun

Photography by Will Koeppen