The Light Brigade

Momentum's Director, Becky Kendall, began working with Light Brigade contributors Bruce Farnsworth, Sheila Wyne, and Nicholas Bradford in 2009 on a piece entitled 'Transactions'. This site specific work was part of a city wide project curated by the International gallery called The Berth,  and was the first in what would be many future collaborations. The Light Brigade formally came together in 2012, and worked on a series of performance interventions that culminated in a final project set on the Anchorage Museum entitled Over Beyond Across Through. Momentum dancers have been featured in almost all of the performances and are privileged to continue engaging with all of the artists that make up the consortium. For more information on the Light Brigade, visit their website!

The Light Brigade is an independent group of loosely affiliated artists. We are designers, writers, choreographers, composers, visual, media and performance artists whose mission is to forever change the way our fellow citizens see and relate to familiar places in their everyday environment. We plan, design and execute creative time-based, site specific interventions on the local landscape and built environment using the full assortment of tools our consortium members possess: dance, lighting, illusion, visual and sonic media, augmented reality, poetry.