Season 4

Taste, A Performance For Your Palate, (2012)

Momentum presents a wine tasting like you’ve never seen before in their production of TASTE, A Performance For Your Palate. Using a structure of a five pour tasting, Momentum brings you dances that will delight, intrigue, and entertain the audience while performers serve you the wine accompaniment.

 Beth Daly Gamble brings this small stage to life with sweeping and delectable movement danced by this 16 member production. The audience surrounds a circular stage where dancers rush, glide, or spin down the aisles to present movement styles ranging from contemporary to tap. This hour-long performance will feature choreography that is charged, romantic, sultry, and fun - from a company of dancers with diverse artistic backgrounds. 

Taste, A Performance For Your Palate

Voth Hall, Alaska Center for the Performing Arts, AK

Directed by Beth Daly Gamble

Assistant Director Becky Kendall