Season 7

Under Construction | Pre-Impact

In preparation for the premiere of IMPACT in 2015, Momentum Dance Collective brings a preview performance to the Anchorage Museum for one night only on Saturday, October 11th at 8pm. Based on our work exploring and describing the community relationships and social landscapes of Anchorage in its centennial year, Pre-Impact will present a first look at Momentum’s research, findings and interpretations through dance, spoken word, and video projection. The preview features collaborations with Anchorage artists including filmmaker Bryan Pentecostes, projection artist Ryan Anderson, composer Christel Veraart, a visual artist Ruby Kennel. Intended to start the conversation, this production is the first phase in the making of a full-length multi-media art piece. A moderated Q&A with the artists will immediately follow the performance, and feedback will be used to further develop the larger work.

As IMPACT is about our direct relationship with the people of our community, we are excited to partner with the Alaska Covenant House in a clothing drive as part of this evenings event. 
More details to come on items that will be requested!

Under Construction | Pre-Impact, 2014

Anchorage Museum, Anchorage, AK

Created and Directed by Irenerose Antonio, Becky Kendall

Technical Director Ryan Anderson

Director of Photography Bryan Pentecostes

Wardrobe by Ruby Kennel

Original Composition by Christel Veraart 

Performance and choreography by Momentum Dance Collective 

Photography by and Will Koeppen