Off The Page (2011)

Off The Page

Out North Contemporary Art House, AK 

Directed by Becky Kendall 

Choreography by Becky Kendall, Beth Daly Gamble, Kat Cunningham, Therese Hartlieb, Melissa Jabaay, Irenerose Castillo, 

Off The Page is a performance inspired by the written word. Working with local Alaskan poets, Momentum choreographers will bring their ideas to the stage to take on a life in a three dimensional reality. This production will showcase the work of 6 choreographers, 13 poets and 18 dancers. The 13 pieces of choreography and poetry will tell stories, and play with both literal and abstract themes that have been created by the poets and given life on the stage.

This production is filled with all the richness and imagery that we love about poetry and dance. A variety of poetry and dance forms will take the stage and will touch on themes of nature, circumstance, relationships, humanity, and love.