Season 8

IN PIECES (2016)

IN PIECES featured 7 new dances from the company and collaborations in visual art, sound, and immersive projection design.

Set and performed on our custom crafted, white dance floor, IN PIECES becomes a visual art playground by using interactive and projected lighting design created by Ryan Anderson.
Weaving together ideas and images that explore both human relationships and our relationship to the physical world, these 7 pieces of new choreography are short looks into broad themes and exploring exciting new technologies in presenting dance.

Featuring collaborations in composition and sound design by Michael Holtz, as well as wearable art pieces by artist Enzina Marrari, the evening will play out themes of loss, struggle, joy, and discovery.

in pieces

Voth Hall, Alaska Center for the Performing Arts, April 15-17, 2016

Supported by The Atwood Foundation, Cook Inlet Housing Authority, Alaska Dance Theatre, Crossroad Productions

Directed by Becky Kendall

Collaborating Artists | Interdisciplinary Artist Enzina Marrari, Composer Michael Holtz, Projection Design and Programmer Ryan Anderson

Stage Manager Erin Campbell

Choreography by Becky Kendall, Jessie Embley, Irenerose Antonio, Therese Brennan, Ariel Graham, Karlyn Grotts, Leticia Wade, Zachary Lasiter

Videography by Xpreshun

Photography by Will Koeppen