Our Mission

To create, promote and share the art of dance, foster a collaborative process both within the company and with local artists, in order to engage and inspire audiences in their community.

Our History 

We are a non profit contemporary dance company that was formed in 2008 as a performance outlet for local dancers. Momentum is made up of artists with diverse backgrounds and influences in many dance forms, drawing from ballet, jazz, modern, tap, hip hop, and Latin Social dance.  Using improvisation and traditional choreography techniques as a launch pad, we aim to fuse classical technique and individual style to form works that are edgy, modern and exciting. 

We have collaborated with innovative artists and organizations, on sites and stages all over Anchorage and continue to build new relationships each season. We have worked in conjunction with the Light Brigade since its formation in site specific urban art interventions such as the 'Trans' series from 2009 - 2013, culminating in it's acclaimed finale of, 'Over Beyond Across Through' in 2013 on the Anchorage Museum. We are committed to working collaboratively to produce new, evolving, and excellent work in Anchorage, and support the growth of new dancers in our projects, work in the schools, and outreach programs.

Company Directors

Becky Kendall, Artistic Director, Founder 

Irenerose Antonio, Company Director, Founder 

Therese Brennan, Company Director 

Jessie Embley, Company Director, Founder

Beth Daly Gamble, Company Director, Founder

Ariel Graham, Company Director

Dancer Bio's

Dancer Bio's

The Crew Behind the Scenes

The Crew Behind the Scenes