Season 5 

Of Love, A Collaboration With Enzina Marrari, 2013

of love was a performance, installation and dance exploring the diverse physical and emotional landscapes of love.  Momentum had the pleasure of working with Anchorage artist Enzina Marrari in a gallery performance and exhibition at the International Gallery of Contemporary Art in June, 2013.

"Artist Enzina Marrari is a romantic, but not in the fairy-tale sense. Her work often communicates something deliciously human and vulnerable, or takes us somewhere raw, unhinged, and bloody. Red thread takes the place of veins or represents blood flow or pulsation. Pouches filled with hair or rocks portray the weight of emptiness and loss."    - The Anchorage Press 

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Of Love, 2013

International Gallery of Contemporary Art. Anchorage, AK

Created and Directed by Enzinna Marrari

Performance and choreography by Momentum Dance Collective as well as Scott Schofield, Karenina Brooks, and Sarah Davies


Photography by Lori Bradford and Will Koeppen