Taylor Hicks

What Moves Me?   a perfectly crafted cup of coffee, the ocean and its breeze, snuggles with my perfect newborn son, reconnecting with someone, dancing to a song that fills the soul, getting so caught up in a conversation and then realizing how much you enjoy the person in front of you, helicopter rides, days filled with sun, laughter and gin & tonics, and the ever fulfilling nerves of opening night.

Taylor is lifelong Alaskan, mama of one, and dancer of 22 years. She trained at Ketchikan Theatre Ballet from age 4 to 18 where she had numerous opportunities to work with noted choreographers and teachers including traveling to NYC several times, taking classes at Broadway Dance Center, Alvin Ailey, and STEPS on Broadway. After graduating high school, Taylor joined UAA’s dance program which became her dance home for the entirety of her college experience. This is where she found her love for modern dance, improvisation, and choreographing thanks to Brian Jeffrey and Katherine Kramer. Taylor worked with these two closely during her three years as a UAA Dance Ensemble company member and she is beyond greateful for everything that they taught her. Each year of ensemble, she traveled to the American College Dance Association conference, (Detroit, Boston and Long Beach.) These trips were rich in community, dance education and technique classes. In 2016, Taylor graduated from UAA with a Bachelor’s of Arts, majoring in Theatre with a Dance Emphasis. Fast forward to today, Taylor will be dancing as a Momentum Dance Collective company member for her fourth year. After taking some time off last year, Taylor cannot wait to dive into the 2019/2020 season. It’s time to dance!