Season 6

Sleying The Reed, A Collaboration with UAA, (2013)

Sleying The Reed 

Harper Theatre, AK 

Concept by Katherine Kramer, Director of the UAA Dance Ensemble

Choreography by Katherine Kramer, Joanne Barrett, Irenerose Castillo, Stephanie Wonchala, Bonnie Moring, Teresa Liu

Photography by Richard Beltzer

Directed by UAA Theatre and Dance faculty member, Katherine Kramer, “Sleying the Reed” is an evening-length collaborative performance project.  The project brings together the creative voices of Kramer, visiting guest artist, Joanne Barrett, and several Anchorage choreographers including Irenerose Antonio of Momentum Dance Collective.

Moved by the Nicholas Kristoff/Sheryl WuDunn book and documentary, “Half the Sky,” Kramer has, in response, woven a tapestry of choreographic voices. “I was so struck by the women in the stories Kristoff and WuDunn brought to light that, as an artist and choreographer, I was moved to create, and to invite others to develop reflections on the brutality inflicted on women and girls around the globe,” said Kramer.