Join a movement choir of bodies in motion and voices in unison across the United States of America.  This simultaneous environmental performance across the country will bring attention to the fragility of our waters through the talent of students in their arts in education programs.
 The Alaska event will be held on April 12, 2014, 12, noon, at Anchorage Community Works near Ship Creek.
There are two ways to participate in the Alaska event:
1.  Be a part of an outdoor performance installation directed by Katherine Kramer (UAA Dance Program) and Becky Kendall (Momentum Dance Collective).  Dancers of all ages and abilities are invited to attend two sessions to learn the choreography and structure for a performance piece.  This piece will be live-streamed across the country. These sessions will be held March 22 & 29, with a final onsite practice April 12 (the day of the event)
2.  Be inspired by the topic of water and develop your own artistic response—dance, music, art, poetry, etc.  Student groups are encouraged to participate.  We will incorporate as many individuals and groups as possible into the event on April 12 at Anchorage Community Works.

Describe your submission in the form below by March 5th to be involved!

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