Season 2

Levels (2009)

The six local choreographers that make up the collective, inspired by taking the company to new heights, bring energy and intensity to the stage at the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts. In this contemporary evening length show, they create a window for the audience to see inside the diverse world of dance while also exploring a diverse collection of themes; support, friendship, mystery, evolution, sensuality, loss, conformity and whimsy.

LEVELS, is not only a highly energetic and entertaining show but also an introduction to the six women that are its creators. The bodies of work presented are interspersed with solos that take you into the mind of the dancer and allow a moment of connection between the audience and the performer.


Sydney Laurence Theatre, ACPA, AK

Directed by Becky Kendall, Jessie Embley, Kat Cunningham, Beth Daly Gamble, Stephanie Griffin, Irenerose Antonio

Photography by Ashley Kellum