Leticia Wade

What moves me?  my husbands faith, my baby girls smile, the strength of my family, the comfort of a silent hug, the unexpected cherished moments that happen when nothing is really happening at all 

Leticia Wade is a born and raised Alaskan who has been dancing since she was a little girl, learning the moves from her parents who were dancers themselves. She began her training at age 8 in jazz, ballet, and hip-hop with the Sunshine generation, performing with Disney and continued her training throughout her adolescence with Bartlett Dance and STARS Dance Studio. Wade pursued a minor in dance through UAA broadening her horizon by studying contemporary and modern techniques and performed with the Underground Dance Company (UDC), "Hardcore" from 2004-2007 and their 2013/14 season. Wade has competed both locally and nationally with Bartlett Cheer and Hardcore company winning state and national titles. She was also invited to perform in a National Dance Collective in California, working with award winning choreographer Shane Sparks from So You Think You Can Dance, and Americas Best Dance Crew. 

Wade's choreography had been seen in many shows throughout Anchorage, including several 'Breaking Ground' productions, UDC's company performance, RAW, and most recently, the collaborate with Momentum and Alaska Dance Theatre's production, One Love, 2014. Having had a complicated few years, putting her dance career on hold to have a family and recover from injury, Wade is more than excited to be continuing as a 2014-2015 Season 7 member of Momentum Dance collective.