What is IMPACT?

IMPACT was a collaboration with Momentum and the city of Anchorage. a project created by investigating what the city looks like from a variety of perspectives and using performance to reveal untold stories. impact was an artistic opportunity to encourage others to not only be aware of their role in their community, but to be aware of their impact.


Photos by Will Koeppen


IMPACT was a 10-month project that consisted of two components. The first was a research phase involving interviews, community volunteer efforts by our company, and collaborative opportunities with artists and civic leaders. The second phase was a performance art production set on a moveable stage. These performances engaged audiences in six different locations around Anchorage in an evening length show where we presented our research findings through movement, images, statistics, and documentation. With the help of photographers, filmmakers, and community organizations, we explored the depths and edges of our city, investigating stories that might otherwise have gone untold. With this undertaking, Momentum explored the following questions: (1) How do we interact with our city and with each other? (2) Who in our community is being left behind, and how can we help them? and (3) How do we maintain the values of what it means to be Alaskan, as our city continues to become more urban.

Though the initial project has come to a close, the company will continue to dedicate itself to making a positive IMPACT on our community and will always be looking for opportunities to engage with Anchorage through volunteerism. If you work with a community service organization and would like to engage in a community driven project with us, we’d love to hear from you. Members of Momentum Dance Collective have participated in donation drives, community service, and conversations with a variety of community organizations. We’d love to meet you, learn about how your organization is serving Anchorage, and better understand the wide range of challenges we face as a community.

Gutierrez Photography

A season across Anchorage

We have had the pleasure of working with different social groups, performing at neighborhood block parties, volunteering at charity events, and dancing our way across Anchorage for our seventh season. Documenting our journey we've had the pleasure of working in the studio with photographer Will Koeppen, filmmaker Bryan Pentecostes, and Gutierrez Photography who captured striking images of each dancer in 13 iconic locations around the city. 

For more on these talented individuals, click this link

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Momentum invites you to share your images, ideas and impressions about Anchorage —just use the #ImpactANC so we can find you and repost. We’ll offer prompts on our Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram streams to get the conversation going, and we hope you’ll respond. We think it would be great if this online conversation takes on a life of its own, so freestyling is encouraged. Momentum will be monitoring our channels, responding and curating the stream on a daily basis so submit your images, ideas and impressions by posting or submitting through our channels. We only ask that submissions are respectful to the #ImpactANC community

Photography by Will Koeppen


As part of the project, we will be gathering images, ideas and impressions through our social media channels. We see all citizens of Anchorage—past and present—as co-creators in this project. As our city continues to grow we aim to find a baseline for what we look like through the lens of different social groups and to bring light to the similarities and differences among us. With this undertaking, Momentum becomes a platform for storytelling, provides a snapshot of our city's diversity, and promotes a process of civic awareness that will inspire others to action. In essence, we are also striving to create a living time capsule for our cities 100th year.

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