Dance Film Night (2016)

dance film night

Alaska Dance Theatre, February 6th, 2016

Local Filmmakers | Irenerose Castillo Antonio, Becky Kendall, Bryan Pentecostes, AJ Carino, Vicente Trinidad Capala, Marcus Freeman, De Gosh Reed & Crystal Dosser, Stephanie Pia Wonchala

Momentum Dance Collective and Alaska Dance Theatre were excited to bring up short films from around the globe, including a few from right here in Anchorage...

New York's Dance Film Association's 2015 Dance On Camera Festival were presented which featured 8 short films from filmmakers based in the United States, Denmark, Canada, and Israel, the work ranging from expressive narratives to experimental short films. 

We also screened 7 additional film shorts produced here in Anchorage by local filmmakers that include; Irenerose Castillo Antonio & Becky Kendall of Momentum Dance Collective, Bryan Pentecostes of Xpreshun Films, AJ Carino of WaTah Productions, Vicente Trinidad Capala III of Tri-Vecta, Marcus Freeman of Artistic Drift, De Gosh Reed & Crystal Dosser, and Stephanie Pia Wonchala of Pulse Dance Company. Did you even know we had this many dance filmmakers?? Amazing.