Carried Away  

March 23 & 24 @8:pm, MARCH 24 @2:00pm|  Discovery theatre | ACPA

You know this place. It’s the spot you crawled into as a child, inside your makeshift fortress with a flashlight in one hand and your favorite book in the other. Inspired by the worlds between the pages of our favorite childhood stories, “Carried Away” flies you through the deepest spaces of your imagination, on a journey filled with wonder, suspense, beauty, and hope.

A tribute to Momentum’s dancers, supporters, and collaborators over the first 10 seasons, this interactive show delivers breathtaking aerial work, set design, costumes, and animations from visual artists Ruby Suzana, Enzina Mararri, and Selene Stoll, with lighting design by Fred Sagar. Featuring original songs performed live by the Super Saturated Sugar Strings, Pikal, and Absurdist Ensemble, and original compositions by Michael Holtz and Greger Wright.

Whether you’re a kid or kid at heart, “Carried Away” will inspire you to laugh at the absurd, face your fears, hang on tightly to those you love, and let your imagination run wild!"


If you are unable to attend the event, but would like to make a donation, you can donate through our PayPals link!

 photo by Xpreshun Films 

photo by Xpreshun Films