Stephanie Ajax Brown


Born and raised in Anchorage Alaska, Stephanie's interest in dance was sparked by watching musicals and Dance Sport competitions on public television as a young child. This passion lay dormant until her teen years when she began taking ballroom lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studios. While in college she studied Anthropology and Dance at the University of Alaska Anchorage where her passion for contemporary and postmodern dance styles was cultivated, especially for the Japanese dance theatre of butoh. Stephanie has had the honor of working with noted choreographers Jay Hirabayashi, Marianne Kim, Brian Jeffery, Katherine Kramer, Katya Kuznetsova, Valeria Pinheiro, and Billy Siegenfeld. She has both performed and choreographed for UAA's New Dances (2005, 2006, 2007), Dia de Muertos (2010), and UAA's Multicultural celebration (2004). She has performed in UAA's Dance Ensemble in Concert (2005, 2006, 2007), UAA's New Dances (2003), Expanding the Stage (2004), American College Dance Festival (2006, 2007), ACBA's Annual Spring Concert (2011), Alaska Women's Show (1996), MTS's "The Artists have Left the Building" (2011) and multiple First Friday shows such as the recent U-Haul event held by the IGCA. Stephanie is proud to be a past member of the UAA Dance Ensemble and Pulse Dance Company.  Ms. Browns other interests include etymology, film, linguistics, philosophy, photography, playing Scrabble to a point of fanaticism, pugs, and taxonomic classification systems.