Breaking Ground

Choreography From New Artists

This yearly, open stage event, is a collection of new choreography from Alaskan artists. First presented in 2009, this production is an opportunity open to choreographers, dancers and performing artists who need a space to test out and  present their work. This event also provides our community with a taste of the many different forms of dance Alaskan artists have to offer. A first come, first serve opportunity for artists to submit yearly proposals, presenters have five minutes max to tell a story, try out an idea, or simply entertain the audience with something new.

Breaking Ground 2018

Momentum's 10th annual production will be held on January 20th at Alaska Dance Theatre's, Alice Bassler Sullivan Theatre.  We are now taking proposals. If you have work you'd like to enter into this production, fill out the form below. 

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This season will again feature youth and adult choreographers in each half of the show.



Breaking Ground 2016

Momentum presents their 7th annual Breaking Ground production; An evening of new choreography from Alaskan artists this year featuring the work of both youth, and adult choreographers. Also part of this year's production, this years choreographers will be adjudicated by top choreographers and instructors here in Anchorage. Join us for an evening of new choreography and support the growth of performance artists in Anchorage. 

2016 featured youth choreographers; 
Beverlianne Green, Marites Aragona, Kia Hang, Reni Goddard, and Mina Fuller

2016 featured adult choreographers; 
Mark Bautista, Crystal Dosser, Gabe Harvey, Timothy Eby, Josephine Person, Rhiannon Roseman, and Therese Brennan

2016 featured adjudicators; 
Irenerose Antonio, Founding member and director of Momentum Dance Collective and Underground Dance Company
Brian Jeffrey, Dance faculty at UAA and the Director of the UAA Dance Ensemble
Ilya Burov, Education Artistic Director of Alaska Dance Theatre