Season 3

And Everything Will Be Fine, 2011

And Everything Will Be Fine is a full length dance production is set in a hospital and follows the story of a woman on the path of recovery. The audience will journey with her and her fellow patients on an emotional roller coaster ride through the inner workings of the her mind in times of pain, hardship, darkness, loss, love, and triumph. When the body is limited, the imagination becomes a limitless playground of exploration and opportunity for hope and healing. This production is inspired by the lives and experiences of the dancers who invite you to become a part of it.

And Everything Will Be Fine

UAA Mainstage Theatre, AK

Directed by Becky Kendall & Therese Hartlieb

Choreography by Becky Kendall, Therese Hartlieb, Jessie Embley, Beth Daly Gamble, Irenerose Antonio, Stephanie Griffin, Kat Cunningham