2019/2020 Season


Finding Place.

This season is rooted in our organizational values of collaboration, experimentation, and community. They are driving force behind all of our programming and shows this season and the foundation of our new venture, @ Studio C a shared space and creative ‘hub’ for collaboration.

Are newest work and season finale concert in April of 2020 will explore our sense of place; in the diverse physical landscapes across Alaska and through the emotional landscapes we experience across time. This new work features the artistry of our 16 member company, brings together dancers across the state and across generations, and will feature the sounds and stories of Kat Moore’s solo music project, The Forest That Never Sleeps.

Season program highlights also include Convergence, a city-wide dance celebration hosted by Alaska Dance Theatre, a First Friday collaboration with the Anchorage Museum, and Momentum series favorites, Breaking Ground and Under Construction.

We hope you find a place for dance in your life this season. We think our 2019/2020 season can help.

Convergence: Celebrating Dance in Anchorage

November 8th & 9th - A city-wide collaboration of dance organizations, companies, choreographers, and performers. This year’s collaborating companies include: Alaska Dance Theatre, Underground Dance Company, Momentum Dance Collective, Studio 49, UAA Dance, Dance West, Contempo, The Tap Studio, Identity Dance Collective, and more.

Under Construction: A look into MDC’s New Work


December 5-7 - Momentum and collaborating artists bring an in process look at the building of their Season 12 concert. Join us for an evening length work @ Studio C.

breaking ground: A choreographers showcase


January 18th - 10th Annual Breaking Ground - A yearly favorite, this event gives local dancers and performers an opportunity to try an idea out onstage. We refer to this as our 'open mic night' for dancers. 

Explore: A curation of movement in a first friday event


February 7th - Explore dance in a new way in a First Friday event at the Anchorage Museum.

Season 12 Concert: An original new work by the company


April 9th - 11th - Momentum's Season 12 concert featuring original and live music, creative visual design elements, and contemporary dance. Grant Hall, APU Campus



Last Season...

Season 11

Season 11 was about exploring what moves us creatively and inspirationally, as individuals and community members, in the studio and across the expanse of our state. We began our work with artists across five vastly different Alaskan cities in an effort to erase the boundaries of the miles that separate us and to be moved and reaffirmed by our commonalities.

We believe in the transformational potential of the arts and the power of community. We create work rooted in the collaborative approach and seek out opportunities to connect with art makers and art seekers alike in order to create moments of intimacy, exploration, and wonder.


Follow the hashtag! We're making stops in Homer, Ketchikan, Cordova, Fairbanks, and working with some new dance friends right here in Anchorage. Hear more about 'what moves us' and see what's on the horizon for the company in our multi-year commitment to investing in collaborative endeavors across our state.

Homer - Homer Council on the Arts

Cordova - Current Rhythms

Fairbanks - North Star Dance Collective

Ketchikan - Ketchikan Theatre Ballet